Representative 728.9% APR

Representative example: £400 borrowed for 30 days. Total amount repayable is £459.36. Interest charged is £59.36, interest rate 180.5% (variable)

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Have you been hit with unexpected costs that simply must be covered as soon as possible? Don’t worry,each day thousands of our customers face emergency expenses that put their monthly budget to the test!

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…and will do our best to find you a lender ready to borrow you money right now!* We are happy to do the hard work for you free of charge. We will research the market for you in minutes and present you with results. We will provide you with the lowest rate offer that we can find for you in our panel and if we can’t match you with a Lender we may introduce you to a Broker or other alternative finance product.

Who we work with…

We work with a panel of lenders that typically offer between £100 and £1000. However, consider that taking out loans should be taken seriously and you should only agree to take out a loan if you are sure you are able to repay it back on time. As we are not a lender but a licenced credit broker, we will only match you with lenders who are committed to responsible lending practice.

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Max Cash Advance does not mean maximum charges! Actually, it’s quite the opposite… Our loan matching service is totally free! We will provide you with a suitable offer and we will do our best to help you borrow the exact amount you need to cover your unforeseen expenses.

We only work with trusted UK loan providers. The representative annual percentage rates differ from one lender to another. We've used the average annual percentage rates from the lender panel to illustrate a reasonable representative loan example of this.

The APR is designed to judge the cost of any loan repayment spread over 12 months while a payday loan should be only intended to be taken out for the most a one month.

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Important information

  • Collections Process

    If you worry that you will not be able to meet any arranged repayments, you should contact the provider of your loan directly as soon as you become aware of this. Such move may provide you with the best opportunity to perhaps reschedule payments or discuss further options in more detail to avoid non-payment entirely. You should know however, that changing the details or repayments of your loan amount could incur further charges or interest, the details of which can only be discussed directly with the lender of your payday loan. If no attempt is made to contact your lender and update them on any circumstantial changes or make the lender aware of any difficulty in paying back what you owe; they reserve the right to pass on your details to third party debt collections agencies or organisations that will attempt to recover the debt.

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  • Implications of Non Payment

    If at any point during your loan term you find yourself unable to repay the loan on time, you need to contact your lender immediately in order to discuss the possible repayment options. You may incur extra fees and interest as a result.

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  • Implications of Late Payment

    If at any point during your loan term you feel that you will be late with your payment, please contact your lender as soon as possible in order to try to rearrange your payment date.

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  • Debt collection

    Most lenders will contact you by phone, letter and/or email in order to discuss the matter and rearrange the payment. You need to remember, however, that non-payment may lead to some extra charges and/or increased interest and it may also seriously affect your credit score.

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  • Loan Renewal

    If you need to renew or extend your loan, you must contact your lender directly as soon as possible. We do not recommend or endorse the renewal of your payday loan, or the rollover of your loan into a new period. You may be charged the same amount of interest originally charged on top of your loan. If you decide to renew your loan, this interest will be based on the total amount you now owe, not just the original amount borrowed. If you have failed to meet your payments as per the terms and conditions of your loan agreement, a loan renewal or extension may be automatic – meaning that charges could be added to your account.

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